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5 Ways To Tell Your Back End Services Need Work.

You can sometimes feel like you have been managing back-end systems and your clients under control. More often than not, though, if you're focusing on one, you're neglecting the other. Here's how you know:

  • Your Email List isn't growing/is not being nurtured

  • You feel demotivated, frustrated and annoyed at the though of it

  • You're wasting time trying to work the back end and it's draining

  • There is no consistency with your back end management

  • You're starting to lose passion for the business you once loved

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Kenesma John


My business would be nowhere near where it is today without you!

Francesca is an amazing Business Management Consultant. She continuously grows the success of my business through new and innovative ideas. She knows exactly what strategies need to be put in place to streamline my business and achieve maximum results. Her level of expertise and time management both show the commitment she has not only to me but to my business. She believes in the vision of my business and goes above and beyond what is requested of her. Her team of Canva experts has created graphics that have brought my social media pages to the next level. These graphics continuously bring in a plethora of positive comments from my clients. I highly recommend Francesca Lestrade for all your business needs!

Cassandra Kalunga

Career Coach/Path London

I was at peace during what could've been an overwhelming and stressful time

Francesca has been and continues to be an absolute blessing to me and my business. She created a fully loaded sales funnel for me in record timing of just 2 days! Her calming and incredibly encouraging nature shines through and her willingness to go the extra mile to ensure I was at peace during what could have been an overwhelming and stressful time, shines through. I know further success awaits me because I have a Wonder Woman who takes any strain away from the systems management. This way, I can focus on serving my clients, developing my offer and ultimately, growing my business.

Charmaine Wilson

Wife Coach/My Own Husband

She had my business' best interest at heart and I trust her advice 100%

Francesca has been such a huge blessing. Not only have I seen positive results in literally just a month but I have learned so much from her also. Francesca goes beyond to walk you through any process but most of all believes in your vision for your business. I felt like she had my business' best interest at heart and I trust her advice 100% for that reason. I'm so excited about the future working with Francesca.

Amanda Patrick

Christian Mentor/Prayer Training Room

She understands my vision and has completely taken the burden from me

I have been battling with launching my online membership platform for so long, trying to do it all alone and a friend recommended Francesca... boy is she AMAZING! She is very efficient and has a quick turnaround time with 5 star quality work. She understands my vision and has completely taken the burden from me by working on my back end which allows me to focus on what I love the most. 10 out of 10 for me!

Emma Thompson

Business Coach/Emergy Empires

Definitely one of the best investments I have made in my business

I have been working with Francesca for almost 5 months, during that time her level of expertise has been phenomenal. Francesca has exceeded any expectations I had before taking on a business support manager. Francesca has built all of my funnels in a prompt and effective manner, she does it with such ease. Francesca is most definitely one of the best investments I have made in my business and highly recommend her to anyone.

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